– distributor opportunities –

At Integral Lighting, we believe the growth and success of our company is directly tied to the relationships we maintain with our distributors.


With over 400 distributors in the United States and Canada, we’ve grown into the nation’s largest hardscape lighting manufacturer. We demand quality, professionalism and a high level of customer service from all of our distributors.
Our Authorized Distributors have access to same day shipping, toll free technical assistance, marketing materials and our professional customer service representatives. Our customer service staff offers assistance with product information, order placement, shipping and warranty resolution. We also offer a variety of literature, promotional materials and advertising support.


We do not grant territorial exclusivity, however, we understand the importance of respecting our distributors’ service areas and our responsibility to assist them in maximizing their potential.
In regions where additional Integral Lighting representation is warranted, we look for distributors who rank well in the following areas …
Reputation… we seek relationships with established businesses that have a known reputation for providing excellent service.


Skills and Technical Capability… a distributor candidate should have basic knowledge of low voltage lighting systems. Our qualified customer service staff will be able to provide guidance in layouts for applications, advise on installation methods and technical support.


Location and Facilities… new distributors should be established in areas where there is a need or potential for sales growth. A distributor candidate should possess a showroom area to display product and a warehouse for stocking product, along with shipping and receiving capabilities.
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