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What is Pavelux®?

Pavelux® is the next generation of LED paver lighting.


Our minimalist design is molded from UV resistant polycarbonate for durability as strong as your stone surface. Choose from three standard lengths and two choices of popular LED color outputs.


Our design is intentionally simple, allowing for insertion between pavers and requiring no cutting or drilling for installation. The fixture itself is virtually invisible during the day, reducing impact on your design without sacrificing lighting effects at night.

Are Pavelux® fixtures waterproof?

Yes. Pavelux® LED paver inserts are waterproof with completely encapsulated, integrated LED packages.


The fixtures are IP67 certified, meaning they are fully protected from dust and can withstand immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter (or 3.28 feet) in depth for up to 30 minutes.

Is Pavelux® UL certified?

Yes. Our Pavelux® LED paver inserts are UL 1838 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting certified in the United States and Canada.

Is Pavelux® affected by extreme temperatures?

Our Pavelux® fixtures were tested under various temperature conditions and supply voltages.


Pavelux® fixtures themselves at temperatures of 140° Fahrenheit and supply voltage of 12.5 volts AC demonstrated that the LED board operated well under the manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum thermals. With this being said, excessive voltage has the most effect on operating temperature and is obviously a critical element in overheating LED fixtures. This is why we always remind installers to administer 12 volts or less, as LEDs have the same life characteristics as an incandescent lamp.


We also took into account that different paver surfaces are affected by the sun at different temperatures, for instance, black asphalt has a higher surface temperature than white concrete. With this in mind, lighting fixtures are typically not lit during the heat of the day, as they are meant to light the night.


As for the housing, the material utilized in our Pavelux® fixtures is UV stabilized polycarbonate and will not be affected by an increase or decrease in temperature or sun exposure.

In how many sizes is Pavelux® available?

Pavelux® LED paver inserts are available in three lengths which insert easily into your hardscape accent border with no cutting or drilling. Each size is stocked in both 3000K pure white and 2400K ultrawarm white LED color outputs.


  • IP4.100.xxx… 4″ (L) x 0.75″ (W) x 2.0″ (H)
  • IP6.100.xxx… 6″ (L) x 0.75″ (W) x 2.0″ (H)
  • IP8.100.xxx… 8″ (L) x 0.75″ (W) x 2.0″ (H)

Can I use Pavelux® with tumbled pavers?

After speaking with a group of contractors who have installed Pavelux®, along with the fixture designer, we can offer the following advice on fitment to various manufacturers of paver stones…


The fixture itself is designed to a full dimension be it 4″, 6″ or 8″ in length as some block manufacturers maintain full dimension. In the case of tumbled stone, a minor adjustment may be needed to achieve the desired effect and maintain design. That being said, a minor trimming of the end opposite the cord is acceptable by method of sawing. Some installers actually remove the sharp end edge at the top of the fixture to have it blend with the tumbled paver.


The maximum amount that can be removed from the end opposite the cord is as follows…


  • IP4.100.xxx… 0.75″ from the 4″ length
  • IP6.100.xxx… 0.75″ from the 6″ length
  • IP8.100.xxx… 1.50″ from the 8″ length

Can I install Pavelux® in existing asphalt?

Yes, Pavelux® can be installed in existing asphalt. You can cut the asphalt and drop the fixtures in place, but would absolutely need to fill the space around them with polymeric sand. The space could not be filled with anything else, because of freeze and thaw cycles.

Are roller tampers safe to use on Pavelux®?

Avoid direct contact with roller tampers as damage to the fixture may occur.


Our Pavelux® fixtures are molded of polycarbonate with UV inhibitors, and have a rating of 8600 PSI, along with impact properties accepting approximately 112 ft lbs.


ICPI specs call for a minimum of 8000 PSI for actual paver specifications, which is what most manufacturers follow. This is based on preparing the base according to standard ICPI specs.


Regarding impact…


Current plate tampers exert approximately 9 – 11 ft lbs per inch, and this is the criteria used in designing the product.


Modern roller tampers exert about 14 ft lbs per inch and may crack the fixture, therefore, we are recommending that direct contact be avoided with this type of compactor.


We are working diligently to improve the molded parts to meet current expectations of installation methods utilizing new roller tamper technology. At this time, we recommend avoiding using roller tampers over the fixture during installation.

Is cutting required to install Pavelux® into pavers?

As with any new product integration, planning is required to enjoy all the intended benefits of the product design.


Pavelux® is not any different.


When incorporating Pavelux® into existing hardscape patterns, other than a decorative border, a minor cut may be required so as not to break the pattern. If planned correctly during the design phase, Pavelux® integrates seamlessly into decorative borders including row locks, soldier and sailor courses. This allows the installer and user to enjoy the intended benefits of it’s concept and design with little or no interruption to the layout … as well as saving unnecessary cutting or drilling within the paver envelope.

What light source is used in Pavelux®?

Integral Lighting utilizes an energy efficient 12 volt AC LED package that is compatible with both magnetic and electronic transformers. All Integral Lighting fixtures, including Pavelux®, are rated for up to 40,000 hours when installed according to our voltage recommendations.

How do I become a distributor of Pavelux® and Integral Lighting?

Learn more about our distributor opportunities and fill out an application.
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