– sustainability –

At Integral Lighting, we are committed to responsible planning and management of our resources.

energy consumption

Energy use is one of the largest contributors to Integral Lighting’s global climate impact. By closely monitoring and managing our energy consumption, we gain insight into opportunities for utilizing our energy more efficiently. Here are a few changes we made in recent years to minimize our energy consumption…


  • Solar Technology… Our facility generates approximately 110% of it’s own electricity through solar panels on our rooftop. These were installed in 2010, successfully reducing greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs and limiting our exposure to the unpredictable energy markets.


  • Lighting… We have eliminated incandescent bulbs from our operation and replaced them with energy efficient fluorescents. Our energy management also includes minimizing the amount of time each day that our lights are in use.


  • Heating and Cooling… We replaced outdated units with modern, safe and more efficient equipment. The new HVAC units are all connected with energy management systems that optimize their use. These have also improved the air quality of our facility.


  • Shipping and Receiving… As we grow, our shipping volume increases. We strive to make our packaging and shipping operations as efficient as possible.

waste and recycling

Our commitment includes continual improvement in the reduction of landfill bound materials. We will not be satisfied until nothing goes into the earth. We are persistently searching for ways to eliminate waste at the front end of our manufacturing process. All of our operations are carefully reviewed and re-engineered, driving us toward more efficient environmental practices. We seek ways to reduce solid waste and the costs associated with it, such as packaging, disposal and shipping. Here are some steps we have taken to reduce waste…


  • Aligned our incoming and outgoing shipments to minimize impact to our landfills.


  • Increased recycling and recovery options for materials generated at our facility.


  • Reduced package volume.


  • Improved transportation efficiency.


  • Eliminated unwanted materials such as PVC clamshells.


  • Switched to all FSC-certified paper for collateral materials.

product impact

Enhancing the life cycle of the fixtures we produce and sell presents a responsibility and increases business opportunities for Integral Lighting. Our goal is to objectively measure the impact of our products. We can then determine the biggest opportunities and implement improvement. Properly designed product improves production processes and uncovers innovative solutions. Most importantly, it aids our customers in making informed decisions, which ultimately reduces the impact of the products we sell.